IQRF Smart School program launched

IQRF Smart School is a program for academic institutions - especially schools. This program enables students of these schools to meet the latest wireless IQRF technology during their studies, which significantly gains ground in the field of Internet of Things.

Thanks to this program there is a space for meetings in the field of development and innovation in the area of intelligent networks. Students of partner schools have the opportunity to be at the origin of the most modern applications and devices used for the Internet of things.

Membership benefits in the IQRF Smart School program


•             Free membership in the IQRF Alliance with all benefits of commercial alliance members

•             Free access to the academic part of the Member zone of the IQRF Alliance - connections to real world of development

•             The opportunity to participate in IQRF competitions


•             Free online learning materials

•             Development equipment usable for real development at a discounted price (30% discount)

•             Certification of knowledge about IQRF technology for students to enhance their attractiveness on the labour market


•             Access to the cutting edge wireless IQRF technology used for Internet of Things

•             Assistance in the development of custom applications


•             IQRF Smart School marketing materials for promotion of schools

•             Promotion of schools on websites and events of the IQRF Alliance - raising the prestige of schools


MICRORISC is the company which is also the research and development center, which deals also with the wireless network designed for IoT for sensor networks and their connection to the Cloud. The company was awarded with valuable awards for its IQRF technology – for example - Ceska hlava 2014.

The solution of IQRF technology is innovative, it is able to work in a mesh topology reliably. Nowadays number of manufacturers use it. MICRORISC is the founder of the IQRF Alliance, which connect companies interested in IoT, and we have reason to believe that with large partners operating in the field of electronics and mobile communications our IQRF technology will soon dramatically spread. In last two years there has been an exponential increase in the interest of all parties, and in addition, we develop plans for cooperation in the area of universities and secondary technical schools.

Our technology is one of the possible solutions for sensor networks.

The program IQRF Smart School and IQRF technology offers many variants of cooperation in an education area.

For schools, we have prepared a training program, regular developer trainings and competitions. Many clever people come from schools. Internet of Things is coming now and it would be useful for students to know about new technologies.

Nowadays we cooperate now with many academic institutions from the Czech Republic and with some institutions from abroad. We would like to spread our network of schools to the whole world. In this school year we plan not only trainings for lectors, but also some competitions for students and also for individuals from every field of life.

Upcoming events in the project IQRF Smart School

•             Autumn 2015 – new academic members come to our project

•             November 2015 – free training of IQRF technology for academic members in Jičín (in person); in case of bigger event in your country we can come to present and teach you and partners

•             November 2015 – starting promotion of competitions on the website, start of schools projects (teachers and students or developers alone work on their innovative ideas)

•             December 2015 – free webinar for members (about their needs and progress)

•             February 2016 – finish of work on competition projects, uploading projects to the website of competition

•             March 2016 – checking and evaluation of projects, best projects will be invited to the final round of competitions in April

•             April 2016 – competitions

o             Internet of Things and IQRF technology (focused on outdoor lighting, only for academic members of program IQRF Smart School, opening worldwide)

o             IQRF Wireless Challenge (open for all people, not only for academic institutions, but also for free developers, worldwide; free topics – it is the choice of developers)

We would be glad to cooperate with schools from your country and help with the promotion them and projects they will develop.

Author: Adéla Slezáková in category IQRF news,

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