MicroSolutions: Simply, Quickly, Widely - Connect Your Devices Within Wireless Mesh Networks

All of the smart systems and devices need to cooperate together and communicate. This is the biggest challenge on the way to the IoT. Nowadays more and more complex networks are needed to be put in life. They are used in smart cities, intelligent buildings and many field networked applications. The IQRF Alliance has a recipe how to make various products talk together in wireless mesh networks. Simply.

Such a robust and reliable connection is being performed by the IQRF® wireless technology invented by MICRORISC. The IQRF® controls all the devices by simple commands thanks to “data controlled transceivers”. This shows the main strength of the technology - its simplicity of use. It takes just a few weeks to incorporate IQRF® wireless connectivity into any electronics. At the same time the IQRF® technology uses IQMESH protocol that enables sophisticated routing in harsh environments. It is able to deliver a message even in a network with many obstacles. If there is any possible way the IQRF® will find it! Quickly.

A growing number of interoperable wireless devices and new systems are being added into the IQRF ecosystem under the umbrella of the IQRF Alliance. This organization currently consists of over 50 technical companies and universities in the US, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Central Europe, Israel and India, all of which are using and exploring opportunities using IQRF technology. Microchip is committed to making it easy for designers to add wireless connectivity to their products across a broad and expanding range of standards and protocols and has recently become a member of the IQRF Alliance to support this compelling option for connecting embedded systems. The cooperation of the individual members enables them to develop new applications, installations and systems and combine them via IQRF wireless technology. This provides a much more effective and faster method of bring products to the market. Easy interoperability is the key to successful implementation of IQRF-based mesh networks, making wireless devices and solutions much more flexible, cost-effective and usable for more customers. Widely.

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